Volunteers Needed to Shape the Future of our Local School

In response to Act 46, Vermont’s new school consolidation law, the school boards of Cabot, Danville, and Twinfield have voted to move forward with plans to merge the existing districts into a single, regional school district. Designing the new district and drafting the agreements under which it will operate will be the task of a new, legal entity known as a 706b Committee. The committee will comprise five members from the Twinfield Union School District, four from Danville, and two from Cabot. The Twinfield representatives will be chosen by the Twinfield School Board at its next meeting on July 26. We’re looking for one to three community volunteers in addition to board member representatives. If you are interested, please contact School Board Chair Patrick Healy by 4:00 p.m., July 21, 2016, by email or snail mail at one of the addresses below.

Service on the committee will demand a serious commitment of time. The committee is expected to meet at least two or three times a month from September through January. The main work of the committee will be to draft Articles of Agreement detailing the governance and operation of the new school district. Other districts around the state are exploring or have agreed to merger plans, so studying Articles of Agreement from other districts will be useful to the success of this 706b Committee.

Once the Committee has drafted the Articles of Agreement, the proposal is reviewed by the State Board of Education and then put before the voters of each of the districts. The expectation is that the votes on merging the school districts would be held next year on Town Meeting Day.

Anyone wishing to represent Twinfield on the 706b Committee should send a brief email or letter with the following information: name, address, years of residence in either Plainfield or Marshfield, you connection to Twinfield (graduate, parent of Twinfield student, community member), and reason for wanting to serve on the Committee.

Please send your inquiry to Patrick Healy, Chair, Twinfield School Board, at:

patrickh468@gmail.com or c/o Washington Northeast Supervisory Union, PO Box 470, Plainfield, VT 05667. The deadline is 4:00 p.m., July 21, 2016.

Thank you for your interest and your support.

Patrick Healy, Chair, Twinfield School Board

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