New Bike Racks

In September our school participated in the Vermont Way to Go Carbon Challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to promote more energy efficient ways to get to school and a big part of this is our Bike and Walk to School program. In addition we encouraged more staff to walk to school and gave out prizes to students and families who carpooled.

Out of all the schools in Vermont that participated Twinfield had the second-highest percentage of students and staff who walked and biked to school during the challenge. Because of this we have won an awesome bike storage system from Local Motion. The system is two large, two-tier racks that store 7-9 bikes on each level.

So a huge thank you to everyone for participating and helping with Bike and Walk to School and Way to Go.   Hopefully this spring we will have even more walkers and bikers. And in the meantime, keep carpooling!



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