8th Grade Elder Tea

The 8th grade class hosted our annual Elder Tea on Wednesday January 21.  Students invited the  person whom they had interviewed for the Great Thanksgiving Listen. Our guests stories about their lives and reflected on how the world has changed since they were in 8th grade. It was just a wonderful gathering and we thank all of our guests for taking the time to be interviewed and to join us for tea and cookies.   To see more photos please go to the Middle School Humanities webpage. 
Elder Tea 1 Elder Tea 2
Elder Tea 3A8th Grade Elder Tea 2016

Our tea guests from left to right:

Thomas DeForge (family friend of Cooper Farnsworth), Debra Celly (grandmother of Jackson Roya), Jenni Belotserkovsky (mother of Tama Belotserkovsky), Vadim Belotserkovsky (grandfather of Tama Belotserkovsky), John Sanduik (grandfather of Allyson Mill), Amelia Bothfeld (grandmother of Kiana Manning), Dennis Plante (grandfather of Cierra Bresette), Louisa Noble (grandmother of Bruno John), Jacqueline Dobrowski (mother of Derick Dobrowski), Wes Halllock (grandfather of Taylor Blais), Nancy Holt (grandmother of Jordyn Holt and Kaitlyn Andress), Lori Bowman (grandmother of Fiona Winter), Judy Armell (grandmother of Hazel Ellen), Diane Brown (grandmother of Nate Hook) and Bill Sullivan (grandfather of Kyley Sullivan)

Not in the picture, but among of our tea guests:

Goddard and Suzy Graves (grandparents of Miriam Yachfine), Allan Farnham (grandfather of Kelyn Farnham), Bob Armell (grandfather of Hazel Ellen), Patricia Ribolini (grandmother of Ruby Klarich) and Maureen DeForge (mother of Nathan DeForge)

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