Vermont’s Secretary of Education Visits Cabot

hlcOn Wednesday, March 11, Secretary of Education Rebecca Holcombe spent two hours visiting Cabot School. Holcombe met with students and faculty, toured classrooms, and spoke with Rowland Foundation Fellows Brian Boyes and Peter Stratman about their sabbatical project and its potential to influence how Vermont educators develop high-quality curriculum. Other highlights of Holcombe's visit included lunch with Cabot High School students and an introduction to the recent grades three and four ski area design project.

Holcombe's visit was overwhelmingly positive, and she left Cabot with praise for the relationships we build as a school community and our students' ability to speak about their educational needs and school climate. As discussion statewide about small schools heats up, Superintendent Nancy Thomas invited Holcombe to visit Cabot, put faces to the numbers being discussed, and dialogue with us about our strengths and the challenges we face.

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