Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education Explores the Work of Cabot Students and Teachers

C3NyVpmW8AAYcHQThe Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education at the University of Vermont recently featured two podcasts exploring the work of Cabot students and teachers. 

"Student TED Talks, Sound Sculptures and a Funk Band” spotlights the evening exhibition of learning about the study of water resources and environmental impacts.

Cabot’s Latin American Studies students gave TED Talks to a receptive and enthusiastic audience, and Cabot Maker Science students produced circuitry-powered research exhibits.  View photographs from the event, listen to the podcast, and read the podcast transcript here.

“Beyond the Audience of One:  Why Digital Composition Matters”
is a guest blog post by Julia Hewitt featuring the observations of Cabot student Henry Burke and former Cabot students Jeremiah Breer, Lars Hammer, Orion Lay-Sleeper, Gala Morse, Kassandra Morse, Timothy Mueller-Harder, and Megan Walker as well as writers Bonnie Kaplan and Barry Lane. All discuss the ways digital technologies, in providing a critical authentic audience for student writing, increase student motivation and the quality of their writing.  Visit the blog, listen to the podcast, read the transcript, and view a number of student digital compositions. 

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