Positivity: Pass it On



Inspired by the work of students at Lapeer High School in Lapeer, Michigan, on the Friday before Thanksgiving, a group of Cabot High School students created an installation of positivity: a hallway bulletin board display of colorful post-it notes, each featuring a handwritten message of encouragement which could either be kept for personal inspiration or shared with a friend who could use it.

Blank post-it notes were also attached to the bulletin board, and staff and students alike could be seen adding to the sea of positivity and snapping photos. One student added to the power of the initiative by posting "You are loved" on each locker and writing staff individual notes of support. 

"The note of appreciation and love that was posted on my computer this afternoon brought tears of joy,” said Linda Savoca. “We are so blessed to share our time with these wonderful, bright, caring young adults.”

Student Abby Searles, who was part of the initiative, said, "'Sometimes all it takes to make someone's day better is a little thing... but for the people it actually helped, it could mean the world. Knowing you yourself could've helped someone in such a way is astonishing, and it makes you see that everyone around you has a life just as complex as your own.” 

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