Cabot Kids Talk about Red Clover Books

We Have Some Winners!

shh we have a winner

Graphic: Carol Scrimgeour

The votes are in! The Red Clover Award winner for the state is Shh! We Have a Plan by Chris Haughton. In this humorous story, four friends use their wits to try to capture an elusive bird in their nets. It was Cabot's winner, too.

The Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award state winner is El Deafo by Cece Bell. In this semi-autobiographical graphic novel, a girl - in the form of a rabbit -  loses her hearing and must use an awkward Phonic Ear as a hearing aid. Cabot kids' winning DCF title was Ice Dogs, a gripping Alaskan survival story by Terry Lynn Johnson.

Stay tuned for a DCF mystery event scheduled in the library for early June.

Cabot Students Share Their Stories and Red Clover Books on VoiceThread

Cabot Students on VPR’s Dorothy’s List

Many know the ways in which people began to oppose racial discrimination in the United States, but how about racial discrimination in the US Army? On Thursday, November 13, six Cabot students explored this topic in a discussion with Amy Noyes, the host of Dorothy’s List, a Vermont Public Radio show featuring Dorothy Canfield Fisher book discussions among students and authors. Ms. Noyes’ discussion with Evan Fuller, Victoria Mayo, Lucia McCallum, Maxine Taylor, Isabel Maine-Torres, and Billie O’Connor highlighted Tanya Lee Stone’s Courage Has No Color, a non-fiction book about the first all African American platoon of paratroopers, the Triple Nickels.

The students generated questions for Ms. Noyes to ask Tanya Lee Stone on the next edition of Dorothy’s List. Tune in to Vermont Edition on Monday, December 1, 2014 at noon or 7 PM  to hear the critically acclaimed author speak of her work and answer the questions of young Cabot readers.

– Billie O’Connor and Isabel Maine-Torres

 Hear the broadcast:



Smurf Blue? Nail Polish Purple? Rad Bad Red? What’s in a Name?

This fall, first and second graders have been selecting a favorite color crayon and giving it a new, cool name. The idea came after reading one of this year’s Red Clover books The Day the Crayons Quit, in which each crayon recounts the woes as well as the opportunities of being the color they are in letters to their owner. Each student’s new, improved crayon name has been made into a label that now covers their crayons. Photos of students holding their crayons are presently on exhibit in the library.  Come and visit. 


DCF Quest Club

This past spring several trailblazing fourth graders and many fifth and sixth graders joined the DCF Quest Club, a community that combines the reading and discussing of the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award books with the construction of projects that respond creatively to individual titles.


What Lies Beneath; Red Clover Window Books


First and second graders created lift-the-flap window books based on their favorite Red Clover Award books this past June. Behind each window, students drew a character or an important event, or a clue from the story. Some students labeled their windows with what lay behind them; others provided colorful decoration of curtains or frames. Creating window books provided an opportunity for these primary students to visually retell important aspects of a book that held special meaning for them.  They took great care in making their books and have displayed them with pride. Three favorite Red Clover titles they selected for their project were Tia Isa Wants a Car, The Princess and the Pig, and Three by the Sea.

Students Hear from Vermont Authors

DCFceremonyOn  June 4, teacher Austin Fay and seven Cabot students joined young people from other schools throughout the state in attending the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award Ceremony at Vermont Technical College. Here they heard four Vermont authors talk about their writing and share stories behind their books, all of which are on this year’s DCF Award list: Jo Knowles, See You at Harry’s; Rebecca Rupp, After Eli; Phoebe Stone, The Boy on Cinnamon Street; and Sarah Stewart Taylor, The Expeditioners and the Treasure of Drowned Man’s Canyon. The word is that one of the authors gave away the ending of her book! The Cabot group was accompanied by Twinfield students; all shared lunch at Panera’s before returning to school.