DCF Quest Club

This past spring several trailblazing fourth graders and many fifth and sixth graders joined the DCF Quest Club, a community that combines the reading and discussing of the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award books with the construction of projects that respond creatively to individual titles.

The DCF Book Award is a reading program for fourth through eighth graders throughout Vermont; each year in April, participating students vote for their favorite of the 30 DCF titles. This year, however, Cabot students worked until the very last week of school in June finishing projects and submitting them for review on the DCF Quest site to earn badges.

Badges were awarded for creative work in a variety of areas: maps of the neighborhood or fantasy world of the book, book-as-movie posters, book trailers, poems in the voice of a character, QR coded book reviews or read-alike lists, even Wordle clues.  Many students collaborated in building their projects; several students merged their different creations in a Thinglink, such as those seen below. As part of the celebratory DCF Battle of the Books in June, students in small groups were given the challenge of  creating a short Touchcast video based on one of the books in only 30minutes, with guidance from several middle school helpers.

This fall, our students involved in Cabot's DCF Quest Club will be joined by students from the Integrated Arts Academy in Burlington, Moretown Elementary School, and Main Street Middle School in Montpelier. We will be using Blogger as our discussion forum and Google Hangouts to work together across schools to make the DCF Quest Club even stronger, with students taking a leadership role in designing new quests and challenges.  We encourage all students in fourth through eighth grade to join the DCF Quest Club!

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