Cabot Students on VPR’s Dorothy’s List

Many know the ways in which people began to oppose racial discrimination in the United States, but how about racial discrimination in the US Army? On Thursday, November 13, six Cabot students explored this topic in a discussion with Amy Noyes, the host of Dorothy’s List, a Vermont Public Radio show featuring Dorothy Canfield Fisher book discussions among students and authors. Ms. Noyes’ discussion with Evan Fuller, Victoria Mayo, Lucia McCallum, Maxine Taylor, Isabel Maine-Torres, and Billie O’Connor highlighted Tanya Lee Stone’s Courage Has No Color, a non-fiction book about the first all African American platoon of paratroopers, the Triple Nickels.

The students generated questions for Ms. Noyes to ask Tanya Lee Stone on the next edition of Dorothy’s List. Tune in to Vermont Edition on Monday, December 1, 2014 at noon or 7 PM  to hear the critically acclaimed author speak of her work and answer the questions of young Cabot readers.

– Billie O’Connor and Isabel Maine-Torres

 Hear the broadcast:



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