Cabot School Builds Character – Student Films

mikeCabot High School juniors were recently presented with a challenge: in four minutes or less, create a film to show how our school builds character, and enter it in a statewide competition.  Sponsored by the Rowland Foundation, the contest was designed to acknowledge the good things happening in Vermont schools and to provide a way for students to promote what's going right.  Each film describes a unique program or element that highlights the conference theme, “Developing Character: Student Achievement and Social- emotional Learning.” Follow the links below to access the films.

Building Character Through Simply Living  by Tyler Abbott, Seth Herrick-Trombley, and Zachary Coolbeth

Cabot's Great Idea by Caleb Maxfield, Gala Morse, and Will Nally

June Term = Character by Hannah Barnhart, Elizabeth Lesperance, and Alexis McGary

Killing Goblins Together by Ian Lewis, Clementine O'Connor, and Megan Walker


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