BioSoap 3.0 Comes to Cabot


Cabot Biology is extremely pleased to announce the arrival of BioSoap 3.0! This will be our final year of BioSoap (well, a hiatus for a while, at least), so please spread the word around to your friends, families, and local community. Seriously. It's good stuff.

Please pop on by to check out the offerings this year, as we have a very creative bunch of soapmasters in 2015. There's a lot being offered, from the mild and tame to the crazy and conceptual - truly something for everyone. 

 And did we mention that our awesome friends The Winter Sounds wrote, recorded, mixed, and engineered the soundtrack to our project this year? When you get to our page, be sure to watch the video for "Saponification" and also get a sneak peek into our creative process.

The page is still under construction, so more photos and media will drift in as the site continues to evolve in the next few days. Students are currently learning about biochemistry and will soon cross over to microbiology, media culturing, and epidemiology. There's a lot to do and lots to be excited about.

Here's the link:

Thanks for all of your support these last few years! Let's help these youngsters crush their crowdsourcing one last time.

Viva la BioSoap!

Michael and the BioSoapers

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